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          Larry Bagby III is my favourite actor, of my favourite recurring character on my favourite TV show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  For those of you who do not remember him he played Larry, the gay guy.  Joss fleshed out his character very well over the two seasons he was on Buffy, then he had to kill him off...or so we think.  I really hope that Larry is not dead, as he was a great addition to the cast.  Plus why would the writers build a character so well and so carfully to just end up killing him off?  Seems rather fishy to me.

          This is just a small SHRINE, yes shrine, dedicated to one of the coolest actors to grace the television and movie screens.  Larry is also a great singer with a wonderful voice.  Yes, Larry sings too!  Larry has put out 3 CDs: one with his wife, Jenni, and 2 with a band called The Otter Pops.  Larry Bagby is also a great stand-up comic, or so I've heard, but I do not doubt for a second that this is true.

          This page will contain a medium collection of pictures of Larry and some of his wife, some screen captures from his appearances on Buffy, hopefully some sound clips of Larry and Jenni singing, his quotes from Buffy, sounds of him from Buffy, and perhaps some video clips, and any other information on Larry.  I will also keep track of Larry's upcoming projects etc.  If I find anything else to add, I will, because this is the Larry Bagby III Shrine, that celebrates everything Larry.  Here is a link to the "Official Larry Bagby III" site, run by Matthew, it's a great site and a MUST see!

          I hope you enjoy Version 2.0 of the Larry Bagby III Shrine.  I hope that this layout is easy to navigate with, yet appealing to the eye.  All comments, suggestions, and contributes are greatly appreciated.

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