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Help Needed

          Larry has been in 6 episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  They are the following: Halloween, Phases, Anne, The Wish, Earshot, and Graduation Day Part 2.  I will have screen shots of Larry from the above episodes, but I need to find them first.  If you have any Larry vid-caps or you can make some for me please e-mail me here.  Also if you have an screen captures from any of Larry's movies, commercials, or other TV shows please send them as well.

          I have this idea for a new page that would be all about fan encounters with Larry.  If you have met Larry or have seen him perform live-comedy.  Please send me your story and/or pictures to me and I will put them up on a special page.  Thanks.  E-mail your fan encounters.

          I am always looking for new information, links and pictures on/of Larry.  I am especially looking for fanfific and fan art.  I will post any that I recieve, but I will not post adult fanfiction, as 1.  I myself am under age and 2. I want this to be an age-friendly site. Thanks.  Please e-mail your contributions to me, whether it is a link, fan art, info etc. it is always appreciated.  Thanks and enjoy the rest of my site.

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