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Chance Meeting
Part 39
By: Buffy Anne Harris
a.k.a. Anya Harris a.k.a Willow Osborne
     The doctor left Xander's room finally and he sat there on his bed he had just gotten dressed and was buttoning his shirt when a familiar face wheeled past in a wheelchair.  “Hey man!” a voice called from the door.  “What did you do to get in here?” Larry asked making his way into the room.

     Xander looked up shocked to see Larry and having a slightly hard time buttoning his shirt with just one arm to do it with.  And he found himself wishing the really cute nurse who had taken his blood this morning would come back to help with his shirt.  He looked at Larry.  “Got the business end of a group of vamps the other night.”  Xander noticed Larry’s wheelchair.  “How bad?” was all he asked. 

     “Paralyzed.  Permanently according to the doctors.  Compliments of the good mayor.”  Larry replied, with a slight frown he had been hit by the tail of the mayor during the fight almost everyone took him for dead.  He had been out for hours afterwards.   "I woke up yesterday and I couldn’t feel anything below my waist,” he explained. 

     Xander gave him a look of sympathy.  Actually in the grand scheme of things Larry had been lucky.  Others had died.  “You dealing with it ok?”  Xander asked, finally getting a button on his shirt fastened. 

     Larry nodded, “Well it could be worse.  Though I’m pretty good at the wheelchair thing.  I won like five races with the interns already.”  He said sounding proud of himself.  “Besides I have a pretty good support system.  Mark has been great.”   He told Xander, mentioning his study.   “Mark is the guy I’m seeing, then there’s my family of course.” 

     Xander halfheartedly smiled, almost every time he talked to Larry, Larry managed to get more and more of an impression that he was gay.  “Well you know that’s important.”  Xander stammered.  As he saw Giles walk into the room.  “Oh and look Giles is here.  It’s almost time for me to get out of here.  But I’ll see you.”  Xander said nervously as he stood almost loosing his balance he sat back down on the bed, "I’m fine.  I’m good,” he said quickly.

This is part 39 of 81 so far.  (This was the part Larry was in.)  Read the whole story called:  Life and Death After High School at this web page. The story isn't finished, but it is wonderful so far. Visit Willow Osborne's WB page at: The WB Stars Online.

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