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A Larry Bagby Shrine Exclusive...
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Exclusive Interview with Patrick O'Connor
Part Two

Question # 6:
Ela asks:
What kind of movies would you like to produce/write inthe future?
What is the best part of producing/writing films?

I like romantic comedies best because you get drama and comedy. Plus all my
friends and people we met from The Immaculate Misconception are extremely
talented comedic actors. The next project we'll probably produce is a script
I wrote called Just A Kiss which is a romantic comedy. Plus they're also very
marketable. The best part of producing and writing is getting to use the
creative process. I couldn't handle a job that didn't allow me to exercise
any creativity. It's also very rewarding to see all your hard work come
together on the screen. When something I write makes someone laugh or's a very special feeling.

Question # 7:
Farrah the Clown asks:
Can you tell me a liitle more about Just A Kiss?
How autobiographical is it?

Just A Kiss is based on an encounter that me and two friends had. While
everything came out okay I always wondered what would happen if things
turned out the other way. That led me to start writing. So while it is based
on an autobiographical event it is now more fictional than real.

Question # 8:
Kristi Campbell asks:
I am familiar with the actor Dale Wade he the same
Dale Davis as in the Immaculate Misconception?

Most likely. Dale has been in many commercials, movies and TV shows. He was
also an Emmy award winning news reporter and producer in Houston before he
started acting full time. You've probably seen him in JAG (with Larry) and
Unsolved Mysteries as well as the movies Rocketman and Tin Cup. He also just
finished shooting an independent film titled "Once Upon a Renaissance" in
Dublin Ireland.

Question # 9:
Little Willow asks:
What is your favorite classic film and why?

Easily Casablanca. I love the backdrop, the way it was shot and the very
simple storyline that leads to so much conflict and drama. Casablanca and
it's themes play a big part in my script Just A Kiss. Plus Ingrid Bergman
was and is hot.

Question # 10:
Crimson Kahn asks:
Are you working on any scripts now that you would like to
produce sometime in the furture? If so what are they about?

I just finished one titled In Dreams that I worked on with an Independent
Producer. We hope to finalize the script and then raise funding. I just
started working on a script titled The Free Agent that Disney is interested
in. Also me and Larry are planning on working on a script together.
Producing is fun because you have a creative control but it's also a lot of
work. I feel that I am a better writer than producer so I would definitely
consider selling my script to others to produce, provided they kept the tone
and theme the same. But at the same time if someone offers me a chance to
produce something I wrote I'd do it in a heartbeat.

Part 3 will be up soon, so make sure you check back often.

Note:  If you were wondering why there were no credits next to the questions it is because I came up with all the questions here and send them to Patrick, as I am waiting for people to send some questions in.  If only a few questions are sent then there is a greater likely hood of your question being chosen, but also the interview won't be as fun.  So send in as many questions as you like and I'll chose the most interesting, silly etc. questions for Patrick to answer.

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